They are relied on as America’s backbone, but it comes at a cost.
When our troops return home, some find their bodies in dire shape.

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As a Pararescueman, I was well-trained in trauma and crisis medicine. What I learned throughout this journey is that treating symptoms and diseases is not health. Getting at root causes is how we are truly healed. You need to take responsibility and find doctors and practitioners who are committed to your overall health...mind, body and spirit. Roger Sparks
USAF Pararescueman, USMC Recon
Silver Star Recipient

After 25 years of deployments

His mission to heal his mind, body & spirit was just beginning

Join Roger Sparks as he learns what it takes to "sail home" to himself and his family.

Silver Star Recipient and Retired Master Sergeant Roger Sparks served within the military as both a Recon Marine and an Air Force Pararescueman for over 25 years. The physical and emotional toll of his career affected his body, mind and spirit to a degree he thought he would never recover. Through an introduction into the world of chiropractic, Roger pulled a thread that opened up a world of unparalleled healing modalities that would grant him a renewed sense of self. His experience cultivated a mission to spread healing across the world. We invite you to that same journey to regain your mental, physical and spiritual health.

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Follow our journey to learn from
Rocky Bleier4-Time Super Bowl Champion
Dr. Tony Brooks, DCArmy Ranger
Dr. Lance Cummings, DCNavy Seal (Ret.)
Gregory GadsonCommander US Army (Ret.)
J.C. GlickLieutenant Colonel Army Ranger (Ret.)
Laird HamiltonBig Wave Surfer Icon
Shilo HarrisUS Army SSG (Ret.)
Shad MeshadCaptain US Army
Dr. Tim Novelli, DCFounder Patriot Project
John StocktonNBA Hall of Fame
Hershel "Woody" WilliamsMedal of Honor USMC (Ret.)
In 50 years as a veteran advocate, I’ve never seen anything that shows the full nature of what veterans take on when they commit to protect our freedom and each other. Americans need to be shown the raw power of veterans giving body and soul as they live out the creed “No Vet Left Behind.” Theirs is an eloquent expression of what it means to be human. Shad Meshad, National Veterans Foundation

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Rogers begins his health quest departing from his home in Anchorage, Alaska and travels to New Hampshire for a podcast with Jack Heath, a lesson on the chiropractic healthcare paradigm with Dr. Stephen Franson, DC; ocean swims and paddle boards with Dr. Mark Arsenault, DC and visits with Dr. Art Durham, DC.

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Dr. Stephen Franson, DC introduces Roger to Ralph Fatello who runs a healing surfing program. Experience High Performance Training (XPT) with surfing legend Laird Hamilton, meet J.C. Glick, LTC, U.S. Army (Ret.) who explains Merging, Vets and Players, an organization co-founded by Jay Glazer, Fox NFL commentator and former Green Beret Nate Boyer. NBA legend John Stockton introduces us his secretweapon: Dr. Craig Buhler, DC. who was first ever chiropractor to work for aprofessional sports team.

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45 MINS Art of Healing

Sensei’s Robert Chodo Campbell and Koshin Paley Ellison have devoted their lives to help people through trauma, training over 1100 physicians worldwide in contemplative approaches to grieving and dying; Shawn Ganther, post serving, learned to use art cathartically. This philosophy is at the center of Roger’s tattooinghelping other veterans and civilians alike share their own stories. Sarah Rossetti, painter, grew up on Guam and worked in a bar frequented by military personnel. Sarah brings haunting memories to life; Dr. Ken Harris, DC wrote a book called: “SYNCHRONICITY: The Magic. The Mystery."

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50 MINS The Price Paid

For 50 years, Shad Meshad has been working relentlessly with Veterans, helping reintegrate them back into civilian life; Shilo Harris survived an IED with severe burns on 35% of his body and is a veteran advocate; Adam Zaffuto who suffered severe PTSD yet went on to co-found ReEngage; James “Sneaky” White, a highly decorated pilot of the Vietnam War who, while serving time back home, started his own educational platform helping 1,500 inmates earn their Associates Degree.

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49 MINS A Better Way

Dr. John Rosa, DC has been on the frontlines of the opioid epidemic for many year; Dr. J Dunn, DC has developed a breakthrough technology called My Happy Genes that can analysis a person’s DNA and create a complimentary simple lifestyle and nutrition program. Dr. Steven Geanopulos, DC coined the phrase metabolic subluxation: a metabolic reset program that evaluates blood chemistry and solutions through a chiropractic lens; Charles DuBois the President and CEO of Standard Process and knows the difference between whole food supplements made by Standard Process verses synthetic supplements of little nutritional value.

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68 MINS Brain Matters

The President of Parker and fellow veteran Dr. Bill Morgan, DC shares his history of serving in the military as a chiropractor. While there, Doctors Dr. Scharlene Gaudet, DC, DACNB Dr. Michelle Eisenmann, DC and Dr. Leonard Wright, DC, also give Roger an eye-opening patient tour of the high tech Synapse: The Human Performance Center. Parker graduate Dr. Tabor Smith, DC has developed very simple spinal exercises to help patients achieve optimum health.

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We meet Dr. Lance Cummings, DC and former Navy SEAL; Dr. Tony Brooks, DC, who was an Army Ranger; Tony Negron, Ret. Air Combat Command who co-founded Fusion Cell; Dr. Shane Ott, DC FMT, another veteran chiropractor currently with Marine Corps Air Station Miramar; Dr. John Smith, DC, MD who started his career as a chiropractor then became a medical doctor; and Vietnam Veteran Dr. Barry McAlpine, DC.

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42 MINS Never Forget

There are two powerful images from the battle of Iwa Jima: one is the American flag being raised at Mount Suribachi and the other is of an American flamethrower.Roger speaks with Woody “Hershel” Williams, the Medal of Honor Recipient whowas the flamethrower in the photo. Roger and fellow Pararescueman Jimmy Settle visit the Korean War and the Vietnam War memorials and go to the National Guard museum to see a personal memorial: Roger’s flack jacket and hoist cable from Operation Bulldog Bite, previously on display at the White House. Roger visits his mother, Ann, and his sister Tracy in the house he grew up in in Fort Worth and finally returns to Alaska and his wife Jennifer.

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42 MINS The Mad Man

Shad Meshad has been fighting for veteran's rights since he was a psych officer in Vietnam 50 years ago. He'll remain "Mad" until suicide and homelessness is no longer at epidemic proportions for war fighters when they return home.

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85 Mins Force Blue

Force Blue is an organization that pairs Special Forces veterans with marine conservationists for the betterment of both.

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